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 -PrO|NeW Rules

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PostSubject: -PrO|NeW Rules   Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:28 am

Arrow ► Negligence = increase of hackers and nonames
Arrow ► Console spam
Arrow ► The rcon tool is not a toy
Arrow ► Map restart / map change /server restart without nofication
Arrow ► Kicking players without any reason
Arrow ► FF/FR/WEP32 and bug users should get kicked out as well
Arrow ► Flamers are mostly kids without life (Video Game Addiction), just kick them if they keep annoying other players
Arrow ► Bad behaving admin = incapable admin
Arrow ► The console is a god, then act like god
Arrow ► "Must have ACT" This sentence is crap, erase it
Arrow ► COD1 is a game. Players are on your server to have fun.
Arrow ► Recruiting newbies results in trouble
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-PrO|NeW Rules
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